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Welcome To Yottalligent Solution


We are a team of enthusiasts with a similar passion for providing best industry solutions to make running your business effortless so that you focus your energy on growing it.

Build on the ground of sound industrial knowledge, we provide services to streamline your process,identify bottlenecks, improvise existing processes and generate useful reports. With the aim of giving business leaders macro vision and tap on every opportunity to grow. We focus onselect industries and service lines, enabling us to d eliver the best possible solutions to meet our clients’ needs. With Yottalligent, you get a trusted partner that can provide the insights, support, and competency to propel your business forward.

Yottalligent Solution Offers A Set Of Unique Skills That Sets Us Apart From Our Industry Peers.
  • Deep understanding of vertical industries, acquired through long-term value-added engagements with market leaders.
  • Clear focus on cost reduction and innovation to deliver tangible business impacts.
  • Pay-for-performance and risk/reward engagement models.
  • Agile engagement governance with accountability, flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Attention to your culture.
Yottalligent Solution A "Small enough to listen, big enough to deliver" attitude.

A value delivery partnership approach that saves customers millions of dollars per year by like implementing programs.

  • Technology consumption management to reduce system inefficiencies.
  • Offshore optimization delivering economies of scale.
  • Portfolio consolidation, resource optimization and leveraging efficiencies of scale and scope.

More clients are choosing their business partners based on capabilities, as opposed to the size of the partner. This is your chance to start implementing and get more than 100% ROI by opting Yottalligent ERP

Our Vision and Our Mission

Digital parity and Digital dominion
The monk said, "Simple is the best way of living." We took it seriously. We just extended the idea to the business world as well. We are making products that simplify the working of a business and those which can help in better and easy management. Our aim is to make and provide solutions to businesses of all classes. Most often the enterprise solutions are very expensive and well outside the vicinity of small and medium businesses. This is one thing out of the many we are working towards the elimination of. We are doing this by providing our solution at a very pocket-friendly price without compromising on quality and functionality.
Drafting Digital Excellence & Integrity
Drafting Digital Excellence & Integrity We believe in emerging into a niche that caters further than just IT. We call for a platform to take care all the things that integrate hood of accessible, affordable and affable IT, Media and Consulting; delivering globally benchmarked services, transforming the client’s business, providing the best in class talent, compliant system and making our every effort worthwhile.In tandem with the vision, our mission is to pave the road for the state to accept a firm foothold in the IT domain, permitting businesses - disabling skill migrations.
It’s a prominence for us to have nationwide and global clients looking to cinch in deals with a local venture - which is local no more! The tremendous business that has happened during the years has clients looking forward to dealing with local players especially the start-ups in the state. We craft the digital strategies, technology solutions and believe in providing consistent quality of work. At Yottalegent, we provide the innovation and expertise to grow now and in the future.

Services Offered

  • On-premise Enterprise solutions are installed locally on your company's hardware and servers and then managed by your IT staff.
  • On-premise systems usually require large up front and ongoing investments to purchase and manage the software and the related hardware, servers, and facilities necessary to run it.
  • Organization has more control over the implementation process.
  • Cloud solutions—also called SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service—is provided as a service.
  • cloud-based solutions, initial costs are typically much lower because you simply implement the software to your requirements and then access it through your computer's internet connection.Typically take less time to implement.