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Drupal is a potent open-source content management framework. Used by 2.1 percent of the world 's total websites, it has become one of the most important content management frameworks for back-end system use.
Drupal is one of the most coveted after frameworks built on PHP, thanks to its attributed modules, plug-in flexibility, and modular design. It is used and referred by the world's top Drupal technology companies and leverages the content 's consistency and accessibility, and how it is controlled. Websites ranging from personal blogs to business and government portals all use Drupal creation tools to create a comprehensive facility for content management, organizing and updating, as well as streamlined information management and collaboration.
Why Drupal?
  • Helps from company website to intranet-based web applications and all extensive web applications to create multiple solutions.
  • It has emerged as the number one website content management system, being widely used by a range of companies, including government owned enterprises to SMB's.
  • Because of its versatility, this CMS platform helps to generate and handle a broad variety of types of content including surveys, videos, forums, podcasts, and much more.
  • Enabling businesses to fulfill their exclusive criteria, this open source platform offers plenty of space for improvement due to its tweak ability.
  • Drupal provides a high degree of scalability because it can help you add any amount of web pages without making any changes to the site.
WordPress is one of the world's most prominent open source content management systems and is used extensively for blogs and business websites. Also known as a user-friendly open-source system, WordPress has extensive plugin directories, a powerful template framework with an easy to get the administrative dashboard. Originally, WordPress was built to deliver striking typography, but now it has evolved into a powerful tool that is useful in creating blogs and is currently useful in developing highly functional eCommerce websites.
Why wordpress?
  • If you select this platform for the creation of websites, cost effectiveness is guaranteed. Also the service and maintenance is inexpensive and can be done by those who are technically less skilled.
  • It provides better security features that's why it's a most expert user for web design.
  • Being SEO friendly, it helps you get a high ranking at your site. You can configure the SEO elements involved in the platform to secure high Google ranking.
  • WordPress promotes responsive web design that allows companies access to a large base of customers.
  • On experts, the most avant-garde themes can be accessed to give the website they are developing a unique touch.
Joomla is among the world's most-used CMSs. Joomla is based on PHP and is considered to be an excellent programming framework using OOP (Object Oriented Programing) techniques. It can be viewed as an open-source platform that is entirely based on the convenience of the user. Its development-friendly environment allows the programmer to publish content easily and authentically on the world wide web.
Why Joomla?
  • Performing any task is extremely easy and convenient, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time or effort like with so many other content management systems.
  • Joomla is such a widely successful CMS, because of its open - sourced infrastructure for several people 's websites. Joomla was developed with PHP, which in terms of open source software is by far the most popular programming language.
  • There are thousand of different extensions to choose from when you use joomla, so you won’t have any issues with findings ones that will help you with your website.
  • Joomla is also very SEO-friendly so when it means getting your blog to rank high in Google and other internet platforms you won't have any problems. If you want a new blog to venture into the world of internet marketing, Joomla definitely has the resources and features to help you out in a major way.
  • If you're looking to start an online shop, you'll find Joomla can be incredibly useful. This CMS makes it really easy and simple to run an on-line company. This content management system has actually been designed with an e-commerce in mind.
Sharepoint , is a Special platform that helps the company achieve a competitive advantage through the use of our SharePoint creation services. This interactive platform has helped a variety of organizations boost their productivity and the way they work. Yottalligent.solutions team is renowned for providing personalized, feature-rich sites or apps that are excellent in updating ourselves with the knowledge of new technologies.
Why Sharepoint?
  • SharePoint helps to effectively manage content which helps to schedule timely deployment to websites and intranets.
  • The BI center provides flexible tools and technologies that help businesses obtain informative reports for smart decision-making.
  • SharePoint is a platform that greatly improves the SEO performance while paving the way for additional web modules, versatility and customization.
  • Through the use of the latest tools that this Microsoft platform provides users, knowledge sharing becomes easy. This makes it a breeze for employees to access approved business details.
  • Centralized admin framework helps handle different facets of the device easily through a single screen. It's very quick to handle the whole platform too.
The current name for Kentico Cloud is Kentico Content. The rebrand marks the completed transition of the headless CMS into CaaS (Content as a Service). Content creation is a messy business, and organizations often struggle to unify and streamline content throughout their entire operations. The larger the company, the more the network becomes entangled.
Duplicate versions of the same content spread around various CMSs; content buried in silos; inability to communicate effectively; persistent delays in content development .These are some of the challenges we face in contents management, and the types of issues Kentico Kontent is positioned to address through CaaS.
Why Kentico CMS?
  • Pleasant to use so suitable for non-technical users.
  • Active support for all tariff policies.
  • Shift easily of data in both directions.
  • Editing knowledgeable, feature-rich content.
  • A fast , cheap way to run a POC.
With more than 65,000 registered sites and counting, Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Interactive Learning Environment) ranks right at the top of the web's Learning Management Services list. It is free and opens making it a completely flexible program to easily bring the customers to e-learning or virtual learning. Moodle is also known as a Virtual Learning Management System.
Why Moodle?
  • Without any hassles, Moodle unwraps all its smart advantages at you. It's open coded, completely customizable, cost-free and free of licensing problems.
  • If you're only thinking of bringing your coaching or training company to your customer's homes, or giving your employees better training through e-learning, then Moodle is a perfect solution. The basic website can be set up, a template can be chosen, your courses and participants populated and start.
  • With thousands of Moodle team members and freelancers working 24x7, you 're never far from having a new feature added across the globe, which will make things simpler for you. You also periodically get free updates and the latest versions.
  • If you are seriously looking to load Moodle with all the nicest and customized features that your company needs then O2I 's expert Moodle engineering team can get that done for you and give you that extra boost.